Monday, November 1, 2010

I am so tired of missing him.
Braedon, your words mean so much.  And I love the random conversation we had on sounds. for half an hour. I was putting my emotions into my sounds. for example: sniffle [I am crying], slap [missing him slaps me in the face], crack [i am cracking under pressure], etc.
Addy, I was honored to be mentioned in your blog. And I was honored to reread what you wrote in my yearbook: Laura. Thank you for being in my life. You probably don't know how much you mean to me. I love you Adds. :)
Jake, you're a good kid, and I like being able to spill everything to you and I like hearing about your problems. Plus, you tell me you see him at school so I don't have to worry.  thank you.
Kristen/Alex/Sally/Every other amazing person on Smithteens, thank you for the vitual hugs and love.  They all mean so much.
Trace, thank you for making me feel cool when you say you think we should go to Smart Cookie and a movie sometime.
Justyn/Jaisi, thank you for always talking to me.  Justyn, I love the Spirit Stone with all my heart.  Jaisi, I'm so grateful you came over to my boring old house last Saturday. These acts meant much to me. <3
Zak, thanks for making me feel loved by saying you missed me today.
Jamie, while you're still in Australia, thanks for always brightening my night when you're able to come on skype or call me.  You make me feel so special and someday I WILL come out and visit you.  In the meantime, I'll continue collecting letters and things to put in a box to send to you.
Kelsey, thanks for saying you wanted to hang out with me.
Shayna, thanks for talking to me and reading my blog and saying you understand.  i really want things to happen with you and Stewart, please go for it.
Krista, thanks for saying I'm a princess.
Baylee, thanks for sending me that quote, it made my day better.
blaze.... thanks. for. nothing.

I love the beautiful people in my life who make me feel better on the worst of days. I didn't mention many. But I love you all.
Love StarFish.

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