Thursday, November 4, 2010

Because We Have The Choice.

We learned about what happened in Rwanda couple years back today in world geography. We have been watching a movie called, Ghosts of Rwanda. I started crying today because of it. It's so can anyone...just...kill? with machetes, with no thought at all?

There was a girl, a Tutsi [tribe being attacked by the Hutus], who was hiding with a couple hundred other Tutsis in a church with her family when the Hutus came for them. They never thought they'd be attacked and killed in a church but that's just what happened. This girl, only eleven at the time, fell apon the bodies and was covered in their blood and played dead. Once they had killed them all [so they thought] they went around to nudge the bodies and make sure. When they got to her, I guess they were suspicious, and so they stepped on her face and kicked her legs. She played dead the whole time, very convincingly, and they said, "This thing is dead." and they left. She layed on the bodies until dawn when the dogs came to eat. when they were ...well....on the person next to her, she threw rocks at them and they ran. She went into a side room of the church, where she lived and slept for the following forty four days.

and here I was, sad because he didn't text me.

While we all have our problems, and issues, and whatever, do remember that somewhere out there, people are fighting every second of the day just to keep breathing. What is their drive? Their motivation? to keep living. all of us here, we have the CHOICE to live how we want. So do. Live how you want.

Love StarFish.

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