Sunday, April 22, 2012

Life and Love: an examination.

"But why ever would you say you wouldn't talk to me even if you wanted to?"
"Because even I have to make hardships for myself sometimes."

"So you're saying it's going to be a hard week?"
"No, it's going to be good. It's going to be a very, very good week."
"Why so good?"
"Because it's when you're doing what you love that you'll remember most, and it's what you remember that'll make you happy in life."

"Mom, what's the point in life?"
"Tate, I don't think I can answer that."
"Why not?"
"The point of life is something each individual person has to find for his or herself."

I've examined life, I've examined love, I've looked at pictures and memorized lines and read a play and found new style and biked a bit, but that doesn't mean I've seen anything yet, does it? It doesn't mean I've learned anything important, does it? It doesn't mean it's ever going to be time to give up, does it?
Does it?

love always, laura elizabeth.

post script: YOLO. ...SLIHYWT.
(you only live once, so live it how you want to.)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time block.

Time Block (n): Refers to a long absence in between blog posts, not due to lack of things to write about, but to the amount of time in a day.

...And I doubt I'll ever let myself slow my life down to get over it. Sorry, those who say they diligently check my blog.

I cause a lot of problems. Surprise.

Where to begin?  I answered Mitchell on March...31. Kelsey and I went to his house and she helped me put glow in the dark stars ("YES") on his ceiling. It looks way sweet, I gotta say.
Footloose...was incredible. The absolute most incredible thing I've ever been through. What I remember most, is every night, right before the show, we would do prayer circles. While whoever wanted to was saying the prayer, I looked at every single face in the circle. Without fail, every night, it brought me to tears. Closing night I didn't even get halfway through the circle. These people...they are the best people, basically. We don't all like each other, but when it comes down to it, we've shared something deep and more spiritual than I can explain. J is incredible. It's all incredible.
Spring Break was, in a word, the BEST. I wasn't home any of the nights until midnight (except one night, because I got moody). I got burned (it's tan now, yay!). I reconnected with one of the best people I know--shout out to Justyn! Love you girl--and now she's in my prom group--yay!! It was great to remember what an awesome person she is. I hung out with both my best friend and my boyfriend all break. Today kind of sucked, though. There's school tomorrow. I didn't do everything I said I was going to last week (or last night, for that matter). Ohhhhh wellllll. When I convince myself that Summer's right around the corner, good grades don't seem as important. (Randomly got a four oh again last term, though. I literally do not know how it happened.)
Got a prom dress. It's really, really beautiful. I'd put a picture on, but I'm scared Mitchell would see it before the big day. Did I mention it's on my birthday? I'm trying to convince my mom to pay for me and two friends (Mitchell and Kelsey, I'm sure) to go to Lagoon after school the day before, because all I asked for for my birthday were old school roller skates...She told me she's already done with my birthday, which makes me suspect she got way more than I need, as usual. Oh well. We'll see.
Unless you haven't gotten it from this post, my life is amazing. I love it, even with all the drama (mostly that I create for myself) and the homework (although--why stress about it when I know I'm not going to do it?....this might be a very bad term for me) and the missing of important things (if you can find my $50 or my kindle fire, please please please let me know... I'm really freaked out about it). My friends doubly make up for all of it. I just hope every day of Summer will be like Tuesday this past week (minus the sunburn).

Anyway. Happy school tomorrow. T-minus two weeks until birthday. T-minus six weeks until Summer.

love always, laura elizabeth.