Secrets to a Happy Life.

Secret Sixteen: Spend some nights out instead of in.
Secret Fifteen: Spend some nights in instead of out.
Secret Fourteen: If you're tired, go to sleep. Sleep is so lovely.
Secret Thirteen: Smile to cute boys you don't know. If you have the courage, talking to them is highly encouraged as well. [sidenote: courage is in the word encourage. Isn't that poetic.]
Secret Twelve: Share the love.
Secret Eleven: Do something bigger than yourself, and don't do it for yourself.
Secret Ten: Go on trips. It keeps the imagination healthy.
Secret Nine: Before you can let go, you have to change.
Secret Eight: When you see a mirror, remind yourself that you're beautiful.
Secret Seven: Be brave, sometimes. Do things you feel are right even if it terrifies you.
Secret Six: Make a bucket list. Include things you've already done (so you have something you can immediately cross off).
Secret Five: Sometimes, just sometimes, forget about everything you need to do and live it up with your friends. You only get the one life, after all.
Secret Four: Tell everyone how much they mean to you. Every day.
Secret Three: Don't get sick. And if you do get sick, sick enough that you have to stay home from school and extracurriculars, don't sit around wasting your time. Be productive. Write a blog post. Paint your nails. Read a book. Don't wallow in your sickness, it makes it worse.
Secret Two: Dance. Dance when you wake up, dance when you're in class, dance in the hallways, dance at rehearsals, dance at dance class (that's an important one), dance before you go to sleep, and dance in your dreams. You'll never feel healthier.
Secret One: Stop creating drama for yourself, and stop taking it from other people. Seriously. Stop it.