Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In retrospect, I love you. [not HIM. you! well him too. but mostly you.]

Don't know why I love this picture. But I do.
In retrospect, I've have a rather grand life.  Not a lot of pain or difficulties.
In retrospect, I should've known our relationship was going to end.
In retrospect, he is NOT the only person in my life, so why am I acting like he is?!
In retrospect... I rather just like saying retrospect. :)

Blaze... Pick a person to be and be him and not whoever else you could be.  Please.
Love, StarFish.

PS. just got twelve messages and counting.  All in a row.  Haven't checked any of them because I've been writing this.  I'm really wondering if any of them are from you.
Ha. No. Just Braedon being random as always.
In retrospect... this is almost better. :)

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    That's where I get all of my pictures.