Sunday, October 31, 2010

Have You Seen This Boy??? (cont.)

Continuing  my past filled night...
I read a notebook that Kortney and I had kept last year.  Around the same time that those texts were sent.
I found little conversations between he and I in there, ones that I wanted to show her, ones that concerned her, etc.  Like so:
Me: I need someone to watch Princess and the Frog with.
Blaze: I'll totally be that person!! :)
Me:  I'm pretty sure you'd find it awkward when one moment, I'm being all cuddly and hugging and all, then the next moment I'm sobbing on your shoulder...
Blaze:  When are you going to realie this? I. Care. About. You.  I promise it wouldn't be weird.
Me: I kinda think it would be...
Blaze:  It wouldn't. I promise. :)
Me: haha, thanks! But unfortunately, it probably will not happen...:P
Blaze: You never know. :)
Me: haha, you don't want me every song, I would jump up and sing/dance.  I'm sure it would be very distracting. :)
Blaze: That would be amazing!
yeah. weird thing is, we did end up watching Princess and the Frog, just a couple of months ago. But we spent most of the time wrapped up in each other. Hm.

There were more conversations.  Maybe I'll share more someday, maybe not.  That was the one I loved though.  Oh I miss him.

those little repeated words are now so dearly treasured to me.  They remind me of who he was.
Oh Blazie. Oh love.
I miss you.

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