Monday, November 29, 2010

One size fits all... I hope.

Does anyone recognize that quote?  From psych?
When Stevie was admitted to the hospital on Sunday, they gave her one of the robe things and she said, "One size fits all... I hope."
A quote from possibly our mutual favorite psych episode which is our mutual favorite show.
When she told me she said that, I knew she would be okay.
I love you Stevie.

Thank you to Zak, for not knowing what to say and still talking to me.
Thank you to Braedon, who is almost always free to talk to and knows just what to say.
Thank you to Jared, for telling me many a funny flirtatious jokes to cheer me up.
Thank you to Justyn, for giving me books and telling me it'll be alright.
Thank you to Stevie, for calling many many times.
And singing me songs when you do.
Finally, thank you to Blaze, for making me completely estranged to you. You telling me to calm down is just the kick I needed to realize you just don't care anymore. So thanks.

I am so grateful to have all of my blessed friends in my life. [Well, maybe not the last one so much.]  And I know Stevie will get through this because I love her too much for God to let her slip away.

Love, StarFish.

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