Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dreams of Sunshine and You.

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one

But here's the thing, I dreamed a dream
I dreamed a dream of the pool
and I dreamed of red hair,
[actually, I dreamed of hair in general, as usual]
and I dreamed of skylines,
and I dreamed of zebras and funny faces,
I dreamed of a blonde mane of not just hair but of her words,
she says they're gone but they aren't
and I never had any anyway, so she shouldn't worry
but here's a good vibration anyway.
I dreamed of people,
and how to let go,
and how to hold on,
and how to do everything in the middle, too.
I dreamed of pounce-ing.
I dreamed in cards, people,
I dreamed in kings and queens and aces,
and I was the little black joker,
and you were the red 8.
I dreamed of cracks;
of sidewalks and my kindle
and the sky, too;
Mostly I dreamed of you.

Remember the beauty from last post? The beauty I have?
I don't care what you believe, for all I know you have it right.
But the beauty I have in my is my little piece of God.
And the reason I know you are beautiful is because you have a piece of Him, too,
because we are actually all God and everything is God
and really God is just the energy that connects us all to each other and everything.
[it's called Pantheism.]
So sorry for when I yell at you to stop littering,
because really,
I'm just giving back.

Addy, when you find your words [they wouldn't go far]
feel free to loan some to me.

love always, laura elizabeth.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beauty and You.

Beauty; an analysis.

All it really is is a cycle. That's all.

You're beautiful when you have confidence.
You have confidence when you feel beautiful.

Guess what? I think every one of you is beautiful.
More importantly, you should too. I'm serious.
Don't let yourself think you're anything but.
You don't have to not like yourself, you know. You really don't.

In this society, it's become hard to say you think you're beautiful. People think you're full of yourself or vain. I think that's just sad. They tell us we can't think we're beautiful, then they try to sell us a bunch of crap that will make us that way- but we still aren't allowed to believe it or- more importantly- admit it. I think it's just sad, I really do. You and me, let's change that.
I'm beautiful.
You are too.
And everyone can see it.
Whatever it takes to make you feel beautiful, do it. For me, it's mascara and dance. If you want to put on all the make up in the beauty store, if that makes you feel beautiful, do it. If you want to throw out all the make up you have, do it. Heck, if walking around in your birthday suit makes you feel beautiful, who is anyone to stop you? Do whatever you want to feel beautiful, except knocking anyone else.

love always, laura elizabeth.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Refraining from my usual...



Friday Man.

It's like Christmas, you know? It's like the beautiful, warm Christmas where the gifts you receive are emotional instead of physical. And if it's Christmas, you're my Santa Claus.


you're like a Fireworks Stand
in July

you're like school shopping
in August

you're like stargazing
in September

you're like a costume shop
in October

you're like a prayer
in November

you're like a stocking
in December

you're like a kiss at midnight
in January

you're like Harts' hot chocolate
in February

you're like a Friday
in March

you're like pointe shoes
in April

you're like Memorial Day
in May

but mostly

you're like a day in June.

June holds beautiful oppurtunities, where you don't regret, where you live life.
June looks beautiful, June smells beautiful, June feels beautiful.
My love for you is June.

love always, laura elizabeth.

post script: I feel like a drive-in theater is just a big excuse to make out with someone in a car.
why don't they still exist??

Sunday, June 3, 2012

High School and Futility.

Hope Springs Eternal.

When are, when were, when will be your glory days?

Think about it.

My glory days... They started when, in that huge room with 27 different drama departments sitting on the edge of their seats (well, okay. Seven of them were on the edge of their seats. The other twenty were probably about to fall asleep), the man with the microphone said "American Fork High School" and we all stood up and screamed and Addy cried and Lone Peak clapped for us and I was a part of it. My glory days continued closing night of Footloose, when I cried because I love them all so much and because I was a part of it.

My glory days, they aren't just filled with clapping and tears, they're filled with autumn light and winter light and summer light but mostly, spring light, because that is my favorite light of all. They continue when I'm in Ballet at the barre and I feel strong and on top of the world. My glory days, more than any other, happen every day, doing all my usual pastimes and hobbies and whatever else I do, because I'm alive and these are my glory days, because even the sad days are glory days,
and I'm not so sad anymore.

love always, laura elizabeth.