Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rebellion against your wishes! ruined too many perfect, good things.
things like bruno mars', just the way you are, song.
alice in wonderland the movie.
my favorite park.
watching movies on my bean bag.

love songs.
hidden pond.
the elementary school.
my best friend's upstairs.
my favorite dress.
the list of things i love.
making cute scrapbooked cards.
and so many more things that I enjoyed so much.

These same things just stop my heart, and my breathing. Because they painfully remind me of beautiful memories. That will never be again.
oh. and by the way. if you really think telling me i can't talk about you on my blog anymore is really going to stop me, then you're silly.  I told you to stop reading my blog.
oh. and don't tell me to simply stop trying ever again. because my aussie friend wants me to keep trying. he wants me to succeed. and therefore, the guy who lives across the world, the only guy i can truly count on, will keep me alive.

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