Sunday, October 24, 2010

Let's call it Nostalgia.

I miss the way he'd take off my glasses and clean them for me.  Then carefully put them back on.
I miss that smile.
I miss him calling me cutie pie. and sweetie.
I miss him squeezing my hand three times to let me know he loves me.
I miss him singing softly alone with whatever song was inevitably playing on his phone to me.
I miss him talking endlessly about clothes.
I miss him sending me kiss smilies.
I miss him getting excited after Stevie and I had another photoshoot.
I miss him always telling me I'm beautiful.
I miss his kisses.
I miss him sending me cute songs that he knows I'll love.
I miss him holding me forever.
I miss him carefully turning my head for me.
I miss him calling me cute after I say something random.
I miss him getting jealous.
I miss him making plans for us.
I miss him saying he loves me more infinity. [even though it was never true.]
I miss him texting me until I fell asleep, then sending me something beautiful to wake up to.
I miss him.
I miss my blazie.

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