Thursday, October 28, 2010

This Halloween.

This Halloween, for me, was full of little hidden meanings.  I'm being Ms. Pacman.  This meaning is that I'm constantly being chased by little problems, but I can also chase them right back. [and eat them. ish.]
My pumpkin- the front is a winky face. Very simply. Looks like this: ;) except on a pumpkin. That's to honor Zak and my new friendship. Back in the sixth grade, when we had a "thing", we passed a ;) notebook to each other.  Just kinda an inside joke now. So cute. :)
The back has a little heart.  No one will see it.  But it's there and it serves a purpose.  This kinda represents Blaze and me, and how we both have pushed that aside [maybe one more than the other ahem ahem] but it also represents that if any guy is looking at me now, he'll have to go find my heart. And it will not be easy.
Me staying home alone to pass out candy: I've been abandoned. By everyone.
I think... I could get hidden meanings out of everything. But I rather like these.
Love, StarFish.

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