Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Little Piece of OCD

I have a very systematic way of eating trail mix.
First I separate it into three groups: peanuts/cashews/raisins, almonds, and MnMs.  I eat each group in that order.
For the peanuts/cashews/raisin group, I look at the ratio between nuts and raisins.  If there are more nuts, then I eat two nuts with each raisin, and vice versa.  I do that until they are all gone.
I then move on to the almonds.  I eat these one at a time.  I split them in half the long way with my teeth and eat them like so.
I then arrange the MnMs by color.  Brown, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Red.  I've had some controversy between the green and the orange though, because I like the color green more and I save the best for last.  However, green is a cool color and orange is a warm color and I generally like warm colors more, so green goes before orange.
I have a very specific way of how I eat MnMs.  I put the end one of the front line in my mouth, and I suck.  After a couple of minutes, when it's all soft, I try to get the candy shell off the chocolate without sucking too much of the chocolate away or breaking it in half.  If I fail to do this, I get angry.
Also.  If someone steals an MnM that isn't from that front line, I get upset and feel very messed up.
I think we all have a little bit of OCD in us.

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