Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye to a Most Wonderful Year.

This year, I've changed.  Not in January.  I was stupid in January.  It started in February.  February tested my strength and my courage, and showed me who my real friends were.  March was better.  A new love was introduced to my life, but I played it cool.  April was beautiful.  One of the best friendships burned brightest through April and May.  May.  The last day of May was my very first kiss.  May began beautifully and then suddenly it was not.  June.  June was spent getting back to the normality of my life, as was July, until the end.  The end of July, my world changed again.  August.  August was beautiful.  Then September came and with it, some heartbreak.  I lost my love and I had no one.  October.  I broke my foot, and found a friend to help me with the memories of September.  In November, both my foot and my heart were nearly completely healed.  And finally December.  December has brought strange feelings.  Some nostalgia, some happiness, and much anticipation.  Finally, I've realized that exes can still be friends.  So here's cheers to a beautiful year and much excitement for another.  Cheers for how someone can change in one short year of their life.  Cheers to the many realizations and epiphanies and new friendships and old heartbreaks and reliving the past and looking forward to the future.  Cheers, everyone.

1. Be happy.
2. Find love.
3. Dance more.
4. Have more courage.
5. Hang on to friendships.
6. Keep my room cleaner.
7. Share smiles.
8. Become who I want to be.
9. Help people.
10. Love.

Happy New Years, everyone.  I love you guys so much!

Love, StarFish.

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