Saturday, December 4, 2010

Balancing out the Pessimism.

The Good Things In My Life:
1. My friends.
2. My cat.
2a. Mainly because it's so obvious he loves me best.
3. Books.
4. Warm Showers.
5. Good food.
6. A loving family.
6a. Well, mom loves me, anyway.
7. Photography.
8. Drama.
9. Braedon.
10. Fuzzy, fuzzy pajama bottoms.
10a. That have smiley faces on them.
10b. Unfortunately... They've grown short. Or I've grown tall.
11. Taylor Swift.
12. Babysitting money.
12a. Although I never get asked to do anything. Even though I have the money for it.
13. Christmas wish lists.
14. Blankets.
15. My earmuffs.
15a. Which I adore.
16. My foot.
16a. As in, it's getting better.  I can walk without the boot around my home.
17. Glasses.
18. Psych!
19. Freedom.
20. Love.

Okay, writing these lists are hard for me, so I'll stop.  It's not that I don't have a lot of good in my life, I've just mentioned all the important things to me.  Mostly. I think.
I love my cat.

Love, StarFish.