Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Love is Love.

Today in English, we just finished the book To Kill A Mockingbird.  It had many symbols and such in it, and I guess I enjoyed it.  We had a big discussion on racism.  We talked about how these people in the book were being hypocrites by saying we live in a democracy, equal rights for all, then persecuting Tom Robinson [a black man] for no reason, eventually ending his life.  We talked about how we are all people, no matter what color our skin is.
My friend Julia and I, we are probably the only non-mormons in that class.  Even the teacher is LDS.  The entire discussion, she and I were just dying to bring up modern day prejudice in homosexuals.  Hello?  Equal rights?  How is ending the right to marry whomever you like, but only for gays, equal?  Love is Love.
Don't get me wrong, I love mormons.  Strong standards and such.  Some of the nicest people I know are mormon.  But I don't agree with some of the ways they are raised.  Honestly, one of my friends in that class is always saying that racism is something that they were raised with and that's why they are racist, and that prejudism is wrong, and she isn't prejudiced, but she is one of the biggest homophobes I know.  I'm thinking, weren't you raised to believe [in your religion] that homosexuals are going to Hell, because they chose wrong in who to love?
News flash people.  Scientists have proven that there is an actual chemical in the brain of homosexuals that causes them to be attracted to the same sex.  It isn't something that is chosen for them, it's how God made them.  And God would not make someone just to throw in Hell.
Homosexuals are people too.  We are all people, we all get the same rights.  If we happen to love someone of our own sex, well, how is that your business?
Love. Is. Love.
And love is what makes the world go round.

Love StarFish.


  1. (by the way) Mormonism doesn't believe homosexuals are going to hell.

    Scientists think they know things and on a lot of things they are absolutely right, this is not one of those things. There are no people who are born gay, some people have a stronger temptation to same sex attraction but that is still their choice. Some people have stronger temptations to kill people, but does that make it ok? Should God not punish them because they have stroger temptations? I believe that God gives us many temptations but only the ones that we can handle, a loving God would not give us challnges that we could withstand.

    I don't think that you know enough about Latter Day Saints to tell me what they believe. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them.
    Love forever, Zak

  2. I was LDS up until a year-ish ago, Zak. That is exactly what they believe. They believe it is a sin and completely wrong and unnatural which is completely their choice. However, there have been many hate crimes, ( yes crimes,) here in Utah committed by LDS folk who wish to inflict their belief on those "tempted" folk.
    Science is proven, buddy. You can not just go and pick and choose which science is right according to your belief. It doesn't work like that. ( sure you can do it, but it holds no water)
    Growing up LDS, I always KNEW homosexuality was wrong, it was a sin and gross, and they were going to hell, because this is what I was taught. Because of legal issues the church has retracted a lot of their spoken beliefs on this subject, but they are still there. Now that I am older and have done legitamate research on the subject, and met LGBT people who are some of the kindest, happy souls, my opinion has been changed. You are free to your opinion Zak, but you need to be able to back it up with a little more than faith and prophets words if you are going to ever have any authority on the subject to speak about it.

  3. thank you writergirl101. you are right that I am basing this on knowledge that my church is true(I KNOW THAT MY CHURCH IS TRUE so I dont consider it faith anymore but thats what you would call it) scientists have many times come out and said crazy crap about things they "proved" and have come out and said that they were wrong about that. I believe that this is one of those things.

    I am a Mormon and i believe that my church is true, that doesnt mean that i accept or tolerate previously mention "hate crimes." I know that these things happen and i dont understand why people do this. they are wrong. God loves all of his children and frowns open "hate crimes."

    I think that you missed my overall point though, I was only trying to say that our religion(as a religion, not as individuals) frowns open same sex attraction but we dont believe that they are doomed.

    Same sex attraction can be helped and changed back to the way God deemed worthy, a man and a woman.

    I completely understand where you are coming from though. Thank you for your comment. (and just wondering, this wouldnt happen to be Stevie would it?)

  4. oh geez. enough with the battle fire, you two. We all have rights and opinions. I'm sorry if I offended your church, Zak, I was just going off of what Stevie has told me and from what I've gathered the few times I've been to mutual or church.

  5. Yeah, this is Stevie. I just know what I was taught and what is believed among the members, whether it is openly declared or not.
    I am glad you don't tolerate hate crimes.
    But honestly, how can you prove to me that god deems LGBTs unworthy, let alone that there is a god?
    you are damn straight, if there is a god, he would "frown" on hate crimes. Doesnt mean members of certain religions don't take it too far to preach what they believe is truth.

  6. okay i guess im a happy medium here. I'm LDS, and i think homosexuality is wrong, but im not going to discriminate them for what they feel. they are people who decide for themselves. And we don't believe that they're going to hell. We arent pulpit pounding pastors in the bible belt here, we believe that anyone who has come to earth will have a better life after death, no matter how horrible they were. including hitler, he will have a life infinitely times better then this one. but according to your life on earth, that will determine what kind of life you will have for eternity. please don't rip on us mormons. you can think of us as a stereotype, because thats how they mostly are in utah. and yes they get the wrong message across a lot, but they don't mean any harm. sure they need to mature up, but we know that they're people, just like anyone else and if they chose what they chose, then thats their choice.

    just believe what you want and dont hate another person because of their beliefs and opinions. thats not going to help you in the least bit and the next thing you know, nobody likes you because all you can do is hate.

    sure, utah mormons need to grow up and open their eyes. Sure, everyone else needs to actually understand us before they criticize us. but thats their job, not mine. have a nice day.

  7. Guys I'm sorry if I offended any of you, I didn't mean to. I wasn't ripping on mormons- sometimes I envy how tight knit the families are because of the mormon church. I just don't agree with some of the beliefs of the church, which is why I'm not mormon. I probably shouldn't've been boasting about my opinion where my LDS friends can see it, but I just wanted my opinion heard. Again, I'm sorry to anyone I may have offended.

  8. And I know it isn't just mormons that are homophobes. Again I am sorry.

  9. I'm sorry Laura and Stevie. I wasnt trying to correct you or make you see my way. I was just trying to tell you that my church believes in "hate the sin, not the sinner" I think that "that guy" (nice name by the way) put it better then i did.

  10. This is honestly blown way out of proportion. Why are any of you chatising Laura for what she believes in? It's none of your business and you should respect her opinion. I love what she had to say and I think she is a bright and insightful girl. She has a right to speak as she pleases and you have not been "called" to chatise her for everything she has to say.

    I feel like if somebody is homosexual, it's there decision. Just like if it's your decision to be "heterosexual" but if you don't know further enough of your own doctrine, you should not be coming and screaming at Laura.

    The only sin of Homosexuality is Fornication. Fornication is sex before marriage. You could be having sex before marriage as a heterosexual as well.

    People need to stop being so close minded and listen to what Laura has to say. If you're having problems with what she says, go ask your bishop about the doctrine and see what he says. It's none of your right to chatise her.

    Sorry for my explosive behaviour. :)

    love you laura.

  11. ^^ :) :) thanks muchly tim. love you too.