Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the snow keeps falling faster.

My little brother announced today at the dinner table that Santa Claus is one of his heroes.
It pained me to think that someday he'll grow up and learn that his hero is make-believe.

I think Blaze was my Santa Claus.
yes. i did actually say his name. something i haven't done in a while.

I believed in us so much.  I believed that somehow we would last forever no matter what anyone said.  I even believed that he would be my very first prom date just like he was my first kiss, my first love.  I believed that nothing could ever come between us.  I believed him when he said his forevers meant forever.
I have grown up since I learned that he didn't love me.  I didn't want to ever grow up.  I wanted to stay frozen in our summer until the world ended.
but times change and people change.
I didn't want to grow up but I did because I had to.

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