Friday, December 10, 2010

An Apology.

To all it may concern:

I am beyond sorry for what I said in my "Love is Love" post.
Well, scratch that, I'm not sorry for what I said because I am not sorry for saying what I believe.  But I am deeply sorry for offending any of you or your religion.  That was not my intent though I know now that that is what it seems.  I was simply trying to make my opinion heard.  I shouldn't've said what I did about the Mormon church when I didn't fully understand exactly what they believe.  I know now that they believe that loving the same sex is a temptation sent from the Devil.  I still can't comprehend this seeing as studies really have shown that it is a chemical released in the brain.  No one can help it.
I know that this won't make any difference to anyone's belief, but I just thought I would say it anyway.
I really am sorry for any harm I may've caused to anyone.  That was not what that post was for.  I won't delete it because this blog is about my opinions and beliefs.  It is about my life.  I am sorry to all of you, though.

Love, StarFish.


  1. haha how can you say friends? and then have a romantic love scene? thats kinda funny actually... :)