Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Things I've discovered aren't good to discuss with someone LDS:

1. Gay Rights.
2. Presidant Obama.
3. George Bush.
4. God.
5. Religion.

If you are mormon, you should probably not discuss these things with me.  Because with a couple of them I get really mad and start crying.  Others I get really mad and start yelling.  And frankly others, I just don't understand.
Just some hinters for all you LDS folk out there. (:

Ways you can tell I'm upset:
1. If you're texting me, I stop using smiley faces.
1a. I also stop using all punctuation.
1b.  I also use a lot of . . .
1c.  I stop capitalizing things.
2.  I look down a lot.
3.  I'm dressed in sweats and wearing my glasses.

If you're texting me and see those signs, you can ask what's wrong.  I might  not actually tell you because I'm like that.  If nothing's wrong, I'll say, "Nothing! :) silly goose."  or something.  If something is wrong and I just want to see if you'll buy it, I'll say "nothing..." or something like that.

Ways to make me love you:
1. Make me feel good.
2. Send me a text to wake up to.
3. Give me many hugs.
4. Text me first.
5. Smile at me.
6. I dunno.  Be yourself.  That usually works too.
Pretty much in love with this picture.

Love StarFish.

PS.  I am back to dance next week!!!! :D


  1. I wasnt trying to be defensive and i didnt think that i was...but apparently you did so i am sorry for coming of that way.

  2. oh I'm sorry. who got mad at you because you posted that?