Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So basically this is my first blog post of the year because I've been lazy and I didn't want to break 80 posts but now I have inspiration so I might as well.

Once upon a time, I went to English class.  I sat in my seat that's in front of the board and I looked up expecting an assignment.  What I saw instead was pure whiteness in the middle and a quote on the edge.  It said: "Quote of the Day:  Life is like a book, except the answers aren't at the back."  Without thinking about it, I acknowledged it's presence then turned my attention to the teacher.
Later, when I felt my mind wandering, I looked back at it and actually thought about it.  Why wouldn't the answers be at the end of life?  Isn't that when we realize all the answers?  And then we die?
Yes it is.  That's when we realize the answers.  However, the end of our life is not when our questions are answered, that's simply when we are wise enough [and have enough time] to ponder them deeply and come to conclusions.  No, our questions are answered during life.  Most of us just aren't looking, or don't care, or haven't asked the right questions yet.
So go chase some answers!

Love, StarFish.
PS. Happy 1-11-11.
PPS. Go celebrate.  This is my 81st blog post.  I think it should be special.

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