Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Thanks a lot Janessa.  See if I ever tag you again for anything.
Here we go. AGAIN.  Sorry if I repeat anything.

1.  I am a firm believer in Karma.
2.  My first memory is of the cat that I still have and love streaking by my two year old body when we first got him [and his sister sundance. But she's dead. ): ]
3.  I was born in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  Had I stayed I would've gone to Mountain Ridge Junior High.
4.  I love photography and I love being photographed.
5.  I'm not hugged as often as I'd like to be.  Then again, when is anyone?
6.  I look for a face I've never seen before in the hallways of my school.
7.  I have my own language.  It's called Lauranese.  Not pronounced Laur-an-ess [coughbraedoncough] but Laura-knees.
8. I have always loved stuffed animals.  I used to have this little elephant I carried around everywhere.  My mom has a picture of me carrying it with a binky hanging out of my mouth like I'm a little elephant too.
8a.  I think I was one of the cutest little girls ever.  Just saying.
9.  One of my favorite things to do when I have nothing else to do is look through my photo albums.  I love them.
10.  I'm cursing Janessa's name as I write this.
11.  I've always wanted to go to the Amazon.  And Australia.  I love nature.  I really love kangaroos.
12.  My top two favorite accents are English [like, British English, not sloppy I-don't-pronounce-the-"t's"-in-my-words American English] and Australian.
13.  My mom ordered me a new bed today.  I'm kinda sad because I've had this same bed ever since I got into a bed and out of a crib.  Furthermore it used to be like my great grandpa's or something.  But she isn't getting me a new one because this one is cracking and breaking.  No, she's getting it so she can force me out of it when people come stay at our house this spring for Alex's graduation.
14.  I often make up my own superstitions.
15.  I often have very vivid and terrifying nightmares.  Often, they are someone that antagonizes me killing the people that I love.  Not my family usually but other people.  It's kinda really scary.

There.  I won't tag anyone this time out of fear of being tagged again [coughJANESSAcough].

Love [to everyone but janessa],

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