Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If you had seven deadly exes, I would totally fight them, just to be with you.

When I was a wee little second grader [and I remember this experience perfectly...well kinda] I was at recess and something upset me.  I think something that had to do with friends. [that's the imperfect part of the perfectly.]  All upset and alone at recess, I ran and sat my butt against a red pole and leaned against it and buried my face in my knees and about started crying.  Yes, I was dramatic, even then.
Anyway, there I was, and some big huge hulkin' girl comes up to me and asks me if I'm okay.  I realize that she's a sixth grader.  A sixth grader, talking to ME!  I was kinda freaked out.  I said I was okay.  She asked if I wanted to come play with her and her friends.  Again, I was freaked out, so I lied.  I said that I was playing hide and seek with some friends.  She smiled at me then walked away.  I promptly ran and found a new "hiding spot".
I wish I remembered what this girl looked like.  I wish I remembered what had upset me.  Almost more than all, I wish I hadn't lied.  I wish I had gone and played with them.  No doubt, they would've thought I was the cutest little girl ever, because that's how most sixth grade girls are about little second grade girls.
I wonder where she is now.  I wonder who she is.  What's her name?  Who's broken her heart?  Has her heartwarming kindness lasted throughout the toughest years of her life?  She's what, four years older than me?  She's all graduated, possibly in college.  Did she get good grades?
Has the world changed her smile?  Does she remember me?
Be kind to little second graders that look like they're crying.

Lots and lots of Love,

ps. In case you were wondering, this post's title is in reference to the movie Scott Pilgrim Against the World/ Scott Pilgrim and the Seven Deadly Exes [or something like that].  Possibly one of the greatest, if totally random, movies I have ever seen.

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