Saturday, March 5, 2011

You know something's up when you start comparing love to math.

Math is confusing.

Sometimes you have both sides of the equation so you go about solving it, and when you finally do you could jump for joy and everything is just so happy and beautiful.  Then you plug it in and for some reason it doesn't work so you go about solving it again and you come up with the same thing again.  This time, instead of being happy, you feel frusterated and sad that you can't get it to change.  Then you finally figure out what you were doing wrong.  And that process goes on forever.  Until you finally find the right answer.

Sometimes you don't have both sides.  You only have the confused side, the side that doesn't just tell you what it is.  You spend so long and you finally figure out what's on the other side but how are you supposed to know if it's right or not?  You don't, usually.  Sometimes it is.  See paragraph one.

You know that problem that everyone has seen?  Where when you simplify it down, it goes to i<3u?  Well, sometimes love is just simplifying things down too.  It really all depends on the problem.  Or the person.

sorry about the math analogy.

Love, StarFish.