Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's funny how not funny life can be.

I have, on a whole, the very best friends in the whole entire world.  They are all mostly reliable in different ways.  Like I have someone that I can rely on to flirt right on back to me when I feel like being cheered up, but can also be so super sweet and is always open for a hug.  Then I have the other friend that I've known for about a year and I can usually rely on to talk to me and not judge me-and, bonus, he's the bestest big brother in the world (even though I can't rely on him reminding me to do my theraband every night).
**In case you haven't noticed, I'm not talking about any of my girl friends here.  They are amazing and I love them all so so much and wouldn't be able to exist happily without them.**
Those two guys, they help keep me grounded.  Of course, when I become such good friends with basically anyone, I always start freaking out and trying not to do anything to push them away which usually ends up pushing them away.  I'm trying to calm myself down but that's the way things go.  I have one special friend that I love so so much because I can always rely on him to stay the same and put up with me poking him and rubbing his head and calling him a Ute fan and all sorts of abuse, and still be my friend.  He never gets mad and he's always smiling and he's just basically the best.  I basically adore him.  He doesn't read my blog though.  But in a weird way he totally helps me out.  Even if his phone is kinda faulty and I can't rely on texting him too much because basically I like just being able to joke around with him in French and Math.
Then there's the flirty guy that every girl I know has had a crush on sometime in their Junior High existence [yes, including me].  He trades his gum to me for a poem about his attractiveness, and trades a poem about my attractiveness and a piece of gum for the apple juice I won in Biology.  He's mostly a good guy.  He can't draw very well but I still have the hippo he drew for me on the first day of second semester.  He has great hair and knows it, and always strikes a model pose without realizing when he isn't moving.  In the poem I wrote about his attractiveness I described his eyes as being chocolatey.  Which is true.
Then I have all the guys that I fade in and out of talking to a lot.  Like lately I've been talking to this guy, who is actually Voldemort's [if you remember who Voldemort is, then brownie points to you] best friend, and sorta been giving him advice on his love life.  Not like I'm very qualified to do that, but it's kinda gratifying that he and I talk a lot.  Then there's Voldemort's other best friend who lives far far away, that I like very much because he's just so cool.  Plus he can kick through like two boards blindfolded after spinning around.  I like that he randomly called me when he went through something hard with HIS love life, and even though I wasn't really helpful, I still felt special that I was the one he talked to.
Then there's the kid next door, who I just love.  I just love him so much because he reminds me of my childhood.  Even though I basically never get to see him, I still smile and feel like my heart is hugging something [do you know that feeling?  I get it all the time.  Like when I think about guys 1, 2, 3, and now this guy] because I just love him.  He's pretty much my favorite.  Ever.
I love most of the guys in my life.  I often say I hate boys, but that's actually untrue.  Firstly, I don't hate.  It isn't me.  When I say hate I'm exaggerating.  Secondly, I often highly dislike certain things about certain guys, but I would never judge the whole species of male on those things.  Because I've seen a few instances where a guy is just about exactly what I needed.  And the first few guys I almost named, they're the ones I turn to.  So thanks guys.

Love StarFish.

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