Friday, March 4, 2011

If you even still read my blog, here's the poem I promised. Even if it isn't about what you wanted it to be, and more about what we were.


we were pictures on the swings
setting on simpler times
sweet passing though now bitter.
once a hug, now
barely a glance,
old opinions turned by new friends
and new opinions found by old friends.
we were crayons and coloring books,
and letters between semicolons and numbers.
once one space between,
but now many returns.
we were stupid video games,
and movies and makeovers,
and ice cream and clothes
and friends.
new by chance,
best by love,
but why forgotten?

You know who you are.

To the person the poem is about,

If you still read my blog, let me know you saw this.  Or at least text me and say it was a terrible poem.  Give me some sign that says you read it.  Or don't.  Leave me wondering.  I care but you don't, so I'll pretend.  Sorry it isn't a happy poem about smiles.

To all my other followers,

I love you guys.


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