Saturday, February 26, 2011

I had a really great post ready for all y'all but then it was deleted so now I'm just gonna forget about it till another day and say I'm it. Thanks Kelsie.

Like I said, I was going to start that thirty days thing but then my first post of it got deleted and now I'm upset so I'll do it again another day.  Also, Kelsie tagged me for this random fifteen facts about me thing.  I'm betting you all already knew most of these but maybe you'll learn something.  So here goes.

1.  I sometimes have deep thoughts.
2.  I only wear crazy, mismatched socks.
3.  I love color.
4.  I love english.
5.  I have a stuffed teddy bear that is red and his name is Valentine and I hug him to sleep every night.
6.  Almost every morning I wake up and I wonder what in the heck I did while I was sleeping.
6a.  I also always think, I should set up a video camera to see.  It also never happens, given that video cameras tend to run on batteries and batteries tend to not hold out very long.
7.  I've been in Ballet since I was two.  It's basically the love of my life.
8.  When I love a guy and he doesn't love me back, I tell everyone that I love him but make them swear not to tell him.
9.  My top three shows [not that I watch a lot...well lately I have been but only because all seven seasons are on netflix so...] are Psych, So You Think You Can Dance, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Not particularly in that order.
10.  I've always wanted to go to the moon.  And Australia.  And France.  And the Amazon.
11.  I love running barefoot, taking pictures, wearing tank tops, eating popsicles, going wherever I want whenever I want, having sleepovers every night with Stevie, biking to Kohlers and all around Highland, going to the playground, texting and staying up all night, short shorts, sunglasses, crazy necklaces, cute swimsuits, being tan, jumping on the tramp, climbing trees, playing night games, ordering pizza, fireworks, ice cream...  I love Summer.
12.  I believe in ghosts and God.  But neither of them in the way anyone expects.
13.  I have a pokemon name for everyone.
14.  I always have to step on the last step of stairs with my right foot.  Also, I have to step over cracks with my right foot.  Also, there are certain diamonds on our tiled floors that I can step on.  Even when I'm walking on carpet.
15.  For map tests, I make up little stories.  They usually have people I know in them.  For instance, one of them was once: Braedon's black car is [except with an a] okay because Laura killed Blaze.  But then there was another sea, the White Sea, so I had to add on wife.  I would never actually kill him. or his wife.  But I certainly remembered it.

These aren't the most important things about me.  They're just the first things that came to my mind.  I would think YOU guys are the ones who would think of stuff about me.  Anyway, now I'm going to tag people.  So hooray for you guys.

1.  Kelsey.
2.  Janessa.
3.  Addy.
4.  Dani.
5.  Tim.

Lots and lots and lots of Love,

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  1. cute! i love this! and i'm proud to say i knew most of these things yay! : )