Sunday, October 2, 2011


Once upon a time, there was a lonely old lady named Laura.

She lived a sad, lonely life, living in a little house. Alone.

Then one day [actually, three separate days in September],

three lovely cats were born and moved into her life

and her life wasn't lonely anymore.

Their names were Janessa, Stevie, and Kelsey.

The end.

So, maybe it doesn't make sense.  That's okay.
Happy September birthdays.  Sorry this post isn't split into three
and personal
and actually...good posts.
And sorry those hypothetical three posts
weren't posted on the actual birthdays.
And sorry I compared you to cats.
But I really like cats and I really like you guys
so I thought it worked.
Thanks for putting up with my crazy, you guys.
I dunno who would if you didn't.

Also, once upon two o'clock today,
we got a little kitten.
He's probably the cutest thing on the planet, currently.
I've personally named him fluffy,
after the three headed dog.

love, laura.

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