Monday, October 3, 2011

"already on the ground and severely cracked."

The things I don't say to you

[and, a lot of the time, the things I do say as well]

drive me crazy.

I wrote out all I wanted to say in a text
and I went to send it to him
[except not really because I'm too shy, I think]
and sent it to someone else instead.
Then I asked him if he thought I was shy.

Really though...  If I were able to go back and forth
in the time whatever-it's-called
then I would send what I want to say,
see how it works out,
decide if I approve of the outcome,
then make further decisions based on those steps.
But no...
Mankind has to be stuck in some lazy age of nondiscovery...

You know, maybe I am a little bit shy.

"I'll doze off safe and soundly
but I miss your arms around me"

love, laura.

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