Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In Hell we starve; In Heaven, we feed each other.

"Laura, what happened?"
"Nothing happened.  Nothing has happened.  Nothing has been said and nothing has been done and nothing is precisely the problem."

"Nothing happens and nothing matters."

I re-read what I said to that lovely, lovely boy and then I re-re-read it.  And then read it thinking of nothing as an actual thing [which may be contradictory, but oh well. It's fine].  And suddenly it was a much happier sentence.
Nothing happens because things can't always be happening, but nothing is a thing too so maybe they can.  Nothing may mean nothing good, but nothing can always mean nothing bad too.
Nothing matters because without nothing, we wouldn't appreciate the somethings.

Don't take nothing for granted.  Don't take something for granted.  Don't take people for granted and don't take your senses for granted.

love always, laura.

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  1. Love you always.

    And probably Collin from Saturday on.

    It's cool (shrug, smirk)