Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Please try to refrain from laughing, because I promise this post will turn heartfelt.

I've been watching Hannah Montana Forever for the past few days.  Just the final season and such.  Well I just watched the very very end ever.  I think. They keep doing that.
Anyway. . .it was like, Miley and Lilly splitting apart and Miley going to Paris for a movie and Lilly going off to Stanford and it kinda hit me.  Stevie and I, we only have what, a year and a half left?  We have such different dreams and ideas, not to mention the age and grade difference.
We only have a year and a half left.
I don't know, it just hit me.  I almost never get to see her, I don't have all too much time to even really think about her all too much, but I love her so much.  She's the best friend I've ever and ever will have.  The thought of her not living four doors away is. . .it's unthinkable.
When we were younger, us leaving for college. . . It was forever away.  We never had to think or worry about it.  But now the time is so short.  I mean, years fly.  Honestly, it feels like just yesterday that we were on the tramp pretending to be lions.  Or making the gnome club, then the dalast club, then the starlight wish club.  Walking home from kohlers, pretending we're runaways.  Getting those stupid ceramic masks and painting them.  The gingerbread houses we made that one time.  Going through Justin, then Andrew, I didn't know what was going on.  I was clueless.  Then I got to Blaze and suddenly I understood.
We grew up and our problems did too.  Our biggest issue is no longer me saying how amazing the sky is and her not caring.  Next year, it just seems so close.  We only have two summers left.  We're not the same people.  Will we see each other much after she goes to college?  Will we see each other much when I go to college?  When she was my age, she was certain of Yale.  I want to go to college in California.  What will change in the next two years?
Back then, biking to Kohlers was the most fun of our summer.  Now, Kohlers is still the most fun of our summer.  Even if we can't rely on the prices, we know there will always be a pizza stick and an ice cream cone waiting for us there.  And even if I can't always rely on Stevie living down the street, I know she'll always be somewhere out there.  And I know we will always be best friends.

How are we gonna do fun photoshoots when she's at COLLEGE?!
Love, Pika. <3
post script:  Miley and Lilly end up going to Stanford together because as Miley says, "There will be a million other world tours and movie offers, but I'll only get one chance to be at college with my best friend."
post post script:  I did cry during this episode.
post post post script:  I cried a lot writing this post.


    I am livid that Miley thinks she belongs there.
    I deserve her spot.
    Or you.
    Or Stevie.

  2. bahaha just calm down. the only reason she got it was because she was hannah montana.