Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sometimes I think I can chart my life by what I worry about in the dark of night.

Something special is bound to happen.

Something sad is bound to happen.

Something terrible is bound to happen.

Something frustrating is bound to happen.

Something amazing is bound to happen.

Everyone searches for their own private miracle.
We all search for something supernatural,
or incredible,
or unexpected and welcomed.

What most don't realize is
that God gives us a miracle every day.
It's called waking up.

It's called family,
it's called friends.
It's called food and pillows
and limbs and words
and senses and nature
and teddy bears.
It's called books and clothes
and showers and paper.

There's this book I read every now and then,
It's called "Before I Fall."
[Somehow, it's 480 pages are so much easier and quicker to read than the 149 pages of the book I'm supposed to read.]
It's poetry.
It's poetry in the way that life is poetry,
in the way that life is a miracle.

It makes me laugh and smile and cry and
want to live life to every potential
before I wake up dead.
It makes me appreciate what I have
and realize that it's more than most.
It makes me want to meet myself.

Now, anyone who is up this late reading this,
I challenge you to go to sleep
and wake up, knowing it's the most beautiful day
you've had yet.

After all, if you expect to never wake up again, every morning is a wonderful surprise.
Make the most of it.

love, Laura.

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