Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dance is eternal heaven.

Dance is everything.

Everything is dance.

Play on words,
jumping back and forth
is dance.

My feelings are dance.
Your smile is dance.
The ocean is dance.

The world is dance,
Dance is the world.

Dance is children's laughter
and poetry.

Dance is everything;
Dance is words
and feelings
and thoughts
and people.

Dance is it all;
Dance is physical
and mental
and emotional.

Dance is the comforting hand
of your mother
when she heard you cry in the night.
Dance is the tears that flow in silence.

Dance is the eyes
connecting carefully
and the lips
brushing softly.

Dance is the paint on the walls
and the grass under your feet
and the sky above your head
and the air that you breathe.

Dance is the sun
and the moon, and the stars
and the dreamcatcher
above your pillow.

Dance is the books you read
and the kites flying high
and the faces of your friends
and the shoes that you tie.

Dance is summer
and winter
and spring
and fall.

Dance is the other side of your pillow
and the last petal of a sunflower.
Dance is the eyelash
on your cheek.

Dancers laugh
dancers sigh
dancers smile
dancers cry.

We are all dancers.

Dance is life,
and life is dance.
danser est vivre,
et vivre est danser.

Love, Laura.

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