Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so make some use of it.

Have you noticed I really love to make long titles?

It's true though.  Today was the only January 12, 2011 that there ever was and ever will be and I danced through it.  Quite literally.  Dance is kinda my life, which means since my foot is healed I can get on with my life.  This may or may not be connected with the fact that I don't update my blog all too often anymore.  I'll work on it.

Now that I finally have a beautiful camera [Charlie] all to myself, I'm seeing photo oppurtunities everywhere. Which is fantastic.  Right now, I'm laying on the ground by the fireplace, staring at my headband and thinking about what an interesting view I have of it.  No doubt tomorrow I will go put it in the snow and throw some strawberries or something by it and take some fabulous picture that everyone else will think is pointless.  But I won't, so who cares what they think?

In case you haven't noticed, this post isn't really about anything.  It's me getting out my fingers' anxiety of staying still for far too long on a keyboard.  Somehow they're making words but I'm afraid that the sentences these words make don't fall together like poetry.

Boys. . .will be boys.  But that's no excuse.

And some of my photography:

now a lot of pictures. :)
lots and lots and lots of love,

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