Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Story Time.

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love."
-Albert Einstein

Imagine the exhilaration of speeding along the freeway at night, completely focused on the wind rushing through your hair.

Imagine the beauty of a drive through the autumnal canyon, drinking in every detail of the leaves and the trees and the people around you.

Imagine the crisp taste of a coke on a Friday night, partying with your friends because it's finally the weekend, acting like it's the last night you'll live.

Imagine the comfort of caramel hot chocolate, curled up next to a fireplace, reading your favorite book and relishing in your abounding free time.

Imagine the wonder of a fierce storm, water rocketing towards the earth like bullets, lightning lighting up the sky like nothing you've ever seen, the thunder right afterwards resonating in your very bones.

Imagine the nostalgia of watching the sky's tear drops slide peacefully towards the bottom of your window, tracing their tracks as they slowly make them.

Imagine the fascination of a different country, stepping foot in a place completely foreign to you and diving into the culture without inhibitions.

Imagine the relief of your own home, of your own bed, of your own pillow, of being surrounded by those you've known your entire life, those who will love you endlessly.

Imagine the bass of the best dance songs you've every heard, pumping through a room packed full with gyrating bodies, dancing along because no one's paying any attention to anyone else.

Imagine the rifts of your very favorite music, the kind that can make you cry because it's pure poetry put to a tune and all it's ever done is remind you of times lost.

Imagine putting all these things together, and giving the result a name, and tell me

Do you really expect love to make any sense?

love always, laura elizabeth.

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