Thursday, October 31, 2013


I guess the shoe only fits in fairy tales.

Tonight, I'm considering putting my thoughts to flame,

just to see if you'd make for the fire escape

or still relentlessly stick around.

Tonight, I'm considering not closing my eyes,

just to see how well they would adapt

to not recreating you for a night.

Tonight, I'm considering just how you managed

to parade right on in without ever auditioning,

without ever paying the admittance fee,

and without ever learning your cues,

because now I can't even remember what act preceded yours,

all I know is that act ended and packed up and left

without me even realizing it, and I still haven't, and I won't,

and I'm considering how you really make me feel,

because it's alright to pretend I'm the ringleader

and it's alright to pretend I'm a lion tamer

and it's alright to pretend I'm able to spiral out of a cannon

but how long until the pretense burns away like I wish you would

and how long until the audience realizes I have nothing under control

and how long until you're tired of performing

I only have so long left in this town,

you only have so long left in my show,

so why don't we make it memorable while we can

and then let the embers burn down

love always, laura elizabeth.

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  1. i really really really love this and i really love you and i really think that you are brilliant, no, i know you are brilliant and here's a kiss or two. :* :*