Sunday, June 3, 2012

High School and Futility.

Hope Springs Eternal.

When are, when were, when will be your glory days?

Think about it.

My glory days... They started when, in that huge room with 27 different drama departments sitting on the edge of their seats (well, okay. Seven of them were on the edge of their seats. The other twenty were probably about to fall asleep), the man with the microphone said "American Fork High School" and we all stood up and screamed and Addy cried and Lone Peak clapped for us and I was a part of it. My glory days continued closing night of Footloose, when I cried because I love them all so much and because I was a part of it.

My glory days, they aren't just filled with clapping and tears, they're filled with autumn light and winter light and summer light but mostly, spring light, because that is my favorite light of all. They continue when I'm in Ballet at the barre and I feel strong and on top of the world. My glory days, more than any other, happen every day, doing all my usual pastimes and hobbies and whatever else I do, because I'm alive and these are my glory days, because even the sad days are glory days,
and I'm not so sad anymore.

love always, laura elizabeth.


  1. i kinda love you.
    also, i kinda miss you.
    that's all.

  2. Your words make me feel content and comfortable inside. You are so eloquent, and I miss seeing you everyday.