Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Friday Man.

It's like Christmas, you know? It's like the beautiful, warm Christmas where the gifts you receive are emotional instead of physical. And if it's Christmas, you're my Santa Claus.


you're like a Fireworks Stand
in July

you're like school shopping
in August

you're like stargazing
in September

you're like a costume shop
in October

you're like a prayer
in November

you're like a stocking
in December

you're like a kiss at midnight
in January

you're like Harts' hot chocolate
in February

you're like a Friday
in March

you're like pointe shoes
in April

you're like Memorial Day
in May

but mostly

you're like a day in June.

June holds beautiful oppurtunities, where you don't regret, where you live life.
June looks beautiful, June smells beautiful, June feels beautiful.
My love for you is June.

love always, laura elizabeth.

post script: I feel like a drive-in theater is just a big excuse to make out with someone in a car.
why don't they still exist??

1 comment:

  1. 'just an excuse to make out'
    Haha so true.
    Hi I'm Laura and I'm like always looking for a drive in movie theater.