Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Poetry, I'm a Regular Poet?


a pond at night

full of magic, reflected,


but so close-

you stick a toe

in the middle of the moon,

it's cold,

you get used to it,

you stick a finger in

a couple stars,

it's cold

you get used to it,

pretty soon you're

three feet under and

unable to escape

all because

you wanted to touch

the moon

love always,
laura elizabeth.

1 comment:

  1. Holy cow, I'm dying here. You are the epitome of brilliant. I love love love this poem. I can really relate with it. And as I read it I was there. I felt the soft breeze on my wet skin, and I smelt the mossy water as I touched the moon. But more importantly, I learned. I realized the mistakes I've made. All because of curiosity.
    I feel so inspired. :) You are brilliant!!!!!!! You have talent, girl!! I'm super impressed!!!! Keep it up! You're gonna go far. :)