Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make him famous.

In today's world, time is everything. Time to do homework, time to socialize, time to sleep, time to eat, time to dance, time for sports, we sure know how to create things that take up a lot of time. But I'm asking you a favor. Donate half an hour of your time to something bigger. Watch this video. Be influenced. Be impacted. Make a difference, however small, because you, your time, and your undivided attention is important. This is important, people.

It's not the time to keep thinking only of yourself.

Like global warming is real, like rights for everyone (whether you're black, white, yellow, or LGBT) are real, like Hitler and Bin Laden are real, like Rwanda is real, this is real. It's real life. Here, in our bubble, we are safe and protected and God knows, oblivious. But this is our chance to show we're more. This is our chance to show that we care, that even if we're oblivious, if we're given the chance, we'll choose not to be ignorant. This is our chance to make a difference. This is important, people.

So watch the video. Go to the site, pledge, like the page on facebook, make a donation if you really care. But most importantly, spread this video, spread the word. Make him famous, because this is important.

love always, laura elizabeth.

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