Monday, March 26, 2012


After getting home at eight o'clock tonight following a long Footloose rehearsal, I promptly ate some cold dinner as I did my Physics and Precalculus homework. I finally finished and heard my bed calling... Then someone knocked on the door. Considering it's late and mom's already set the alarm, I was almost worried it was some serial killer. I still opened the door (yes, that would be me in the horror movies). Much to my surprise I saw the following note on my front doorstep...

And I stepped further out, I saw the following word arranged by many little candles...

It goes without saying, that's the best thing ever.
What a fun way that'll be to spend my birthday!

love always, laura elizabeth.


  1. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS!!!!! so excited for you- what a great sweet 16 birthday! can't wait til you get a dress... :) yay!

  2. Happy Birthday to cute Laura! I LOVE YOU CUTE GIRL!!