Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So it's been two weeks. My bad.

Maybe the apocalypse has already happened,
and we're all already zombies.

Fight the norm.

What's funny about life is that the more that happens, the less time you have to write about it.
These past two weeks have been full to the brim, and incredible, and difficult, and incredible.
I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Once I upload more of my pictures from my camera onto my computer, I'll do a post of pictures. They aren't my usual well-taken with a photographer's eye pictures, but they're pictures that help depict what's been happening. So cool.

I'm sick. This is my second day home from school. I'm sick.

I've realized, that he loves me, he loves me the way he loves, not the way I was taught is love, and that almost makes it more real. He loves me. He loves me, he cares for me, I love him, I care for him so much.

We aren't going to sadies together, but actually I'm okay with it. Mostly because I know I'll still have a fantastic time, with my best friends and some of my lone peak boys. I've already asked Kevin, who I adore. I helped Kelsey ask Ryan--I'll put those pictures up too. It's incredibly awesome. It was also my idea.

I love Footloose. I love Footloose more than anything, I love it, I love it. I love dance, I love my dance classes, I love our dances, I love our theme, I love the contemporary. Now if only I weren't missing both these past two days due to whatever my body thinks it's doing. Last night, in my delirious stage, a thought struck me, "the only thing my body is working together on is making sure I'm as uncomfortable as possible," which is pretty true, I didn't have a very great night. But today is better and tomorrow will be best. Actually, Friday will be best. Sushi date. yikes yay we'll see.

So, sorry this isn't my usual writing, this is more blunt and less poetic. But honestly, I can't really think, so I think it's already impressive that I'm able to type. I'll see the world tomorrow.

love always, laura elizabeth.

p.s. thanks for being upset when I don't post for a while, Chloe. It makes me feel very important.

1 comment:

  1. LAURA.
    i almost died of boredness in french without you.
    and then we had about 49 challenges you missed.
    I saw mitch. I think he missed you, lots.
    Well, you probably already know all this ha.
    i love you.
    you should get better.
    I kinda need a book to read.
    remember? :)
    <3 <3