Monday, September 12, 2011

"I wish time would stop right now." "me too."

It's quite ridiculous how many times I've started a blog post about you and then slowly deleted the whole thing.

All I know is I want to be with you all day long.
All I know is I can't stop reliving that night.
All I know are the cat-napping butterflies in my stomach,
ready at moment's notice to rise and swirl around
and float my heart all over my body and make
my mouth go all dry and redirect my feet to
any possible place you might be.

I can't stop thinking about how your hand felt on mine,
or your heartbeat under my ear,
or your whisper on my skin,
or your hand in my hair,
or your arm around me,
or your laugh reverberating through my bones.
I can't stop thinking about how you made me,
make me feel.
I can't stop thinking about how Blaze was never like you,
how even when he was supposedly mine,
he never cared so much about these
random things about me.

You make me crazy.
You make my world go all crazy.
Can't we be crazy kids together?

Could we relive that Saturday night?
Could we fast forward to this Saturday night?
Could we fall in love?

love, hippie.

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