Sunday, September 25, 2011

Can we dance, real slow? Can I hold you, real close?

in the words of Kelsey:
dhgfhgkjhlk huoughhjfgdhydesteasfghfhjkgkjuh

in the words of Addy:
"and then he kissed me."

in my own words:

...what the ell-hay just happened tonight?!

Just some examples of what's racing around in my mind:
why did he kiss me?  did he want to? does he still? was I okay?
am I being cliche?
holy hannah freak oh my gandhi
what's going to happen now?
has he told anyone? does he want to tell anyone? is he happy he did it?
is he happy it was me?
does he not want me to tell anyone, like blaze?
how does he feel about it?
what does he think of me? how has he felt of me?
why me?
oh my cheese he had his pick of girls that would've gladly been his first and he picked me
am I being obsessive? I being OVERLY obsessive?
oh my gandhi, tonight happened...??

with literally all the love in my heart,

disclaimer:  I wrote this last night, right after.  Due to a loss of internet [those are becoming far more frequent for my taste] it wasn't able to be posted that moment.  These are all the words from last night, however.

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