Monday, September 19, 2011

Another, just because.

The bed is always most comfortable when you have to get out of it.
The shower is always warmest when you have to leave it.
The homework is always hardest when you have no time/patience to do it.
The time will always move faster when you want it to slow down.
The words will always be louder when you're trying to sleep.
The week is always shorter when you have more to do.
The breathing is always quicker when you want to appear calm.
The shaking is always most noticable when you want it to disappear.
The singing is always worst when you're trying your best.
The words are always more faulty when you want to sound smarter.
The reasoning and the comebacks are always best an hour after they could have been applied.

But the tears don't always wait until the dark of the night to fall.

But things change and people change
and someday we'll all
sing hakuna matata around the fire
and fall in love with the beatles
[and maybe each other]
all over again.

I don't mind spending every day
out on your corner in the pouring rain
look for the girl with the broken smile
ask her if she wants to stay awhile

love laura.

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