Thursday, July 21, 2011

Magic is the night sky.

I admit the time is rather unconventional but after inspiration fueled by reading everyone else actually posting, I decided to get off my lazy cyber bum and write the post that has eluded me for the past week...ish.

I saw a shooting star tonight while craning my head back, observing the stars as I always do while blindly making my way towards my house.  I wished.  I told a few special people.  I remembered the last time I saw shooting stars.

There's a month and two days left of summer.

I realize that just about all I've wanted is a Summer romance. [that lasts beyond summer.]  All I've wished for.  Is that petty?  Maybe.  Did that stop me? ....

All I've done is daydream and long to be held.

But I realize that it won't always work out, that you have to wait for the right guy to come along instead of settling for someone else just because you want the feelings again.

So, unless a month and two days is enough time for a boy to fall madly for me, one of the lines on my bucket list will go unchecked:

"Be kissed by someone special."

And I'm slowly making myself okay with that.

love starfish.

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