Thursday, July 7, 2011

Friendship is missing them more than you miss taco bell, and wondering if you've ever gone a week without seeing them before...and doubting it.

I read one of my best friends' most recent blog post and my heart swelled with affection towards her.  I miss her so much that I might just blow up.  Reading her post, I couldn't believe just how lovely and innocent she still is.  Stay golden.  Please don't let some boy ruin your aura, as one came close to doing to mine.  You have a few qualities that I have since lost, and they make you who you are, as they define me through my lack.  You're beautiful and one of the best friends I could ask for.

Shonka, this one's for you.

Oh, friend, I love our inside jokes and
riding a on tandem bike and
laughing hysterically and
saving your butt and
our friendship and
everything else,
 but mostly
I just love you.

With great affection, Cholo.

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