Tuesday, July 26, 2011

happiness is perspective.

It's come to my knowledge that I'm not exactly the writer I profess to be,
or the dancer I'm said to be,
or the actress I try to be,
or the singer I pretend to be,
or the flirter it'd help to be,
or the person I'd like to be.

It's true that my life isn't anything I thought it would be at this point in time.
It's true that I get far more jealous than I should.
It's true that I'm not always as nice as I seem.
It's true that I'm not always as happy as I seem, either.

I do have a roof over my head and PLENTY of food to eat.

I do have the chance to improve my writing,
to keep stretching and devoting myself,
to be in shows and improve my experience,
to take some voice lessons,
to be myself and hope it's enough,

and God knows I'm getting better every day.

I have a lot more than so many in the world, and so do you.
Don't take it for granted.

also, maybe i love you, sigh.
also also, i miss everyone...come back....

love, laura.


  1. Laura (: I love You Girl! You are so Amazing :)

  2. laura! i'm back! lets play :D