Monday, June 6, 2011

I sorta had a break down tonight. But not really. But kinda.

If I was our love,
where am I?
Where did I go after
it all went down?

To be deeply felt on one end
but turned away on the other.
You tore me up,
you kicked me out.

I was made of promises,
of friendship,
of happiness and
of photography.
of the river next to
our first kiss.
I grew through experiences.

I had holes,
I had flaws
we patched them up.

Half of me was so full of effort.
half of me was so full of lies.
My icy tundra
melted when we sat near.

But we grew distant.

So now I'm lost.
Packed up in a box in the back of a heart, maybe.
Stored on the dusty shelves of memory.

When I belonged to only one person,
what happened?
Forced inward,
but not able to be directed correctly?

The trick, to getting over a heartbreak--
all the love you have left to give,
let it spill into your own soul,
and on, I will live.

Love, Laura.

P.S.  In case you haven't picked up on this, I decided to write every night.  Most usually this will mean poetry.  Sorry if you hate my style.  I know a lot of it kinda sucks.  Bear with me.

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