Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happiness is finding a random message on your phone that says you're amazing from a truly wonderful friend. ....and taco bell.

The little ways my dear friend Kelsey [at least, that's who I think it's from] shows me what she thinks of our friendship warm my heart and make me smile.  Take a moment and share in the happiness that you have friends that care about you like I doubtlessly do.

Anyway. . .

I decided I will write something similar to what I wrote last year.  I thought I'd tell all y'all in case you ever wanted to ask me if you could read it.  The differences will definitely be great-for instance, I doubt this one will mainly be about blaze and how he made last summer a soap opera.  We'll see what happens.

My aspirations to write every night quickly pummelled into the ground. Ehhh.  So did my hopes of not sleeping past ten this summer.  I think it's justifiable to sleep till noon if you can't get to sleep until three, though...right?

some are bright,
some dark.
some flutter,
some sink to my feet.

these butterflies
you give to me
that i am aware of every time
i see you
or you text first
they don't let me forget.

some remind me that
we could be the best pair there's
 ever been.
others remind me of the
low chance of it happening.

sometimes, they jump into my throat
immediately obstructing any sound or word
i wished to say.
sometimes, they pull my heart down to my toes
when i see your name on my phone.
sometimes, they take control of my fingertips
forcefully attempting to get my feelings across
to you, in the medium of text.

i manage to stop that just in time, though.

they tug on the corners of my mouth up
when you say a trademarkedly sweet thing to me
they tug on the convers of my mouth down
when i look at my phone and see that approximately
two hours and forty three minutes have gone by
with you clearly not remembering my existence.

these butterflies,
they think they have
my crush in the bag
they whisper hopes and doubts
in the dark of night

these butterflies,
they wonder
if they have friends
in you, as well

you give me butterflies...
do i,
give you some too?

love, laura

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  1. Absolutely adore this post.

    But you more <3

    Love you tons, girl :)