Sunday, June 5, 2011

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

There is perfect,

and then there is flawless.

They don't exist together because
our flaws are what make us


~  ~  ~

Sometimes, you forget that everyone has hardships.

You see someone and they seem so put together and amazing

and you are jealous.

Then you learn more about them
-like, say, you read their blog-
and you realize it's just a mask.

It's just an outer shell,
a protective covering.

Does anyone see through mine?

Inside a person
there is but a heart, soul, and mind.
The mind deals in facts
such as, he will break your heart
and he has enough to choose from already.
The heart deals in impulses
such as, we have a chance
and perhaps I am the girl for him any way.
Now the soul,
the soul is the most tempermental
and the most mysterious.
It is what lingers
when we are gone.
It is made up of experience,
of thought,
of hopes and dreams
and love and emotion.
We are all but souls weighted down.

If we let our souls take over,
and didn't listen to our hearts and minds,
would the world be a better place?
would we end up together?

Tell me darlin', do you wish we'd fall in love?

Love, Laura.

P.S.  I was at the park and saw the darlingest little boy.  The dad walked up with an equally cute little baby, and I told him, "They are soooo cute!"  He replied, "I may've screwed up with a lot of things, but they did turn out great" [or something to that extent].  The vulnerability shocked me, as did the truth.  We will all be redeemed in the form of the next generation.

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  1. The beggining reminds me of a picture i now have (thanks to you ;)..) it says "Change the world with your smile, dont let the world change your smile." P.S. I love your writing!