Monday, May 30, 2011

"Tell your new girl I say good luck."

His latest memoir, on the twenty-third--
"We had our first kiss (:"
If only I could warn her.

Maybe she'll have better luck,
hopefully he actually cares for her.
Hopefully she's the only one.

Will she end up with a broken heart?

After a year, he has a new lover.
After a year, I have happiness,
freedom, and a much better love-
not only for my surroundings
or all my friends
but for myself.

And that, Blaze
is something you never let me have.

And when she hurts like I did,
please tell her I am sorry
that no matter what I could say
she'd still love you anyway.

I do wish you two happiness, the happiness
we will never have
the happiness we fabricated

--Laura Elizabeth

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